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M1 Dublin - Belfast

The Route
The M1 forms the large majority of the N1 National Primary route connecting Dublin towards Belfast along the east coast of Ireland. The route goes north via Drogheda and Dundalk to the Northern Irish border just south of Newry in County Armagh, where it joins the A1 road and further on, the M1 motorway in Northern Ireland. It also forms a significant part of the road connecting the Northern Irish cities of Newry and Lisburn.

The Association
The Team at MOTORWAYCARE are very proud of its association with the construction of this fabulous motorway route. The Team first became involved with this route in 1997 by providing a full installation service on the road safety barrier elements on the Balbriggan bypass, then working at providing both noise and safety barriers on all other stages to final Main Contractor design and build of all wire rope safety barriers along this route. This wire rope installation was one of the first installations of wire rope on the island of Ireland. The Management Team shipped in unique custom made wire rope installation equipment, completing all projects in record time.

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MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive knowledge gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive experience gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


At MOTORWAYCARE our team take
great pride in our association
with the building of our motorway infrastructure network.