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Concrete Noise Barriers

Concrete Noise Barriers

There are three types of precast concrete and masonry noise barriers, reflective, absorptive and reactive.

These work by reflecting noise back towards the source, although it should be realised that this can cause an increase in noise on the opposite side of the road or rail track. This can be minimised by sloping the barrier to reflect the noise upwards to pass over any receivers.

These incorporate a porous element that absorbs noise, for example open structured concrete using wood fibres or small light weight cementitious spheres as the aggregate. In a single sided barrier, this layer forms the surface and is supported by another of solid concrete that prevents sound passing through the barrier and provides structural integrity.

These are specialised form of absorptive barriers that incorporate cavities or resonators designed to attenuate particular noise frequencies. Sound enters these cavities via small holes or slots in the perforated precast concrete blocks and the size of the cavity is tuned to permit phase cancellation at the selected frequency. The range of frequencies for which these resonators are effective can be increased by filling the cavity with sound absorptive material.

Advantages of Concrete Noise Barriers

  • Are durable, with a design life of at least 40 years
  • Require minimal maintenance and provide low whole life costs
  • Can act as a safety barrier on bridges
  • Do not warp, shrink or open up to allow noise through
  • Match up with bridge parapets in a seamless way
  • Can provide elements of architectural interest.

At MOTORWAYCARE we can offer a wide variety of concrete noise barrier solutions. Our management team have installed several concrete noise barriers on our motorway infrastructure network, there is a fine example of a Durisol precast noise barrier installation at the Red Cow Interchange on the M50 in Dublin. This product comes in a vast range of pattern designs and colours and is a quick and easy installation.

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MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive knowledge gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive experience gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


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