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Just In Time Delivery

Just In Time Delivery

Delivery of product is a very important element on all Projects big or small. When you are dealing with essential motorway product such as safety barriers, reliable and on time delivery becomes a critical factor, a new road project will not open until all safety barrier is incorporated and fully functioning, in our 20 years experience in this sector we have never missed a road opening deadline, you can't make a "Minister" wait no matter what we think of them these days!

During the course of any new build motorway schemes you also do not want all of the product at the beginning of the works or the wrong product at any given time that would be required for a particular phase of the works. Our Team at MOTORWAYCARE will develop a "product programme delivery timetable" in context with the Contractors/Clients programme of works; this will ensure "Just In Time Delivery".

Delivery and availability of essential motorway products will now become a crucial element following the roll out of the NRA's "Motorway Maintenance and Renewal Contracts". Repair to safety barriers will be required within 7 days of the collision, the Contractor will incur penalties if not repaired on time, MOTORWAYCARE can provide assurances that these crucial products are available "on time". For any new works that may be incorporated within these area networks, MOTORWAYCARE's Supply and Assist model can be tailored to bring both a professional and economic service to all.

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MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive knowledge gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive experience gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


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