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Safety Barrier Knowledge

EN1317 Overview

EN 1317 is a European Norm established in 1998 that defines common testing and certification procedures for road restraint systems (safety barrier).


Containment level is defined by the crash tests that the safety barrier has to withstand.

Working Width

Normalised Working width is a measure of the deformation of the barrier under impact.

Dynamic Deflection

Normalised Dynamic Deflection is the second parameter to evaluate the deformation of the safety barrier system under impact.

Impact Severity

Impact Severity is an index that assesses the severity of an impact against the tested safety barrier system based on the results of different parameters.


Redirection is the capacity of a safety barrier system to return a vehicle to the road in a controlled manner following impact.

Vehicle Intrusion

The vehicle intrusion (Vlm) of heavy goods vehicles (HGV) is its maximum dynamic lateral position from the undeformed traffic side of the barrier.

Why Use Safety Barriers

63% of road deaths and serious injuries happen on single carriage roads, where usually there are no barriers.

Steel vs Concrete

MOTORWAYCARE are pleased to bring a range of NEW steel safety barrier systems that now meet W2(800mm) & W1(600mm) categories

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MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive knowledge gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive experience gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


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