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Site Assessment

Site Assessment

This service will vary depending on the size and scale of the particular project:

(1) Larger Projects normally have the facility of in house engineers who will produce a schedule of safety/noise barriers to meet the technical requirements of that particular site. MOTORWAYCARE will assess this schedule in relation to product selection that fulfill all such requirements. In instances where there are no products available in the marketplace to meet specified technical requirements MOTORWAYCARE will advise of changes to that particular road/site detail in order to facilitate a fully compliant product. In other instance where a particular product is required to fulfill a technical requirement but not commercially viable option, MOTORWAYCARE will again assess alternative products or changes to that particular detail in order to meet our Clients budgetary requirement.

(2) Smaller Projects do not always have the facility of in house engineers, in this instance MOTORWAYCARE will carry out a full site assessment detailing the technical safety/noise barrier site specific requirements. These product requirements will be fully compliant in regard to DRIVEN, CONCRETED IN AND SURFACE MOUNTED options. In our experience smaller Projects tend to be further complicated by the presence of underground services and lack of verge width that require safety barrier products that can be tailored to all of the above challenges and yet be fully compliant.

In all instances it will always be MOTORWAYCARE'S priority to advise, specify and deliver products that are fully compliant to all up-to-date National road specifications. This is borne from MOTORWAYCARE's 20 years' experience in this industry; at the end of the day we are in a business that delivers products to prevent serious injury/fatality for all motorway network users.

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MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive knowledge gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


MOTORWAYCARE will leverage its extensive experience gained over 20 years in motorway infrastructure networks to enhance its product offerings.


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